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James Neal is the author of four fantasy titles, two paid and two free. The two paid titles are his novel, Of Blood and Blade, and novelette Paints the Invisible Eye. Both are available on Amazon in digital format. His two freebies are short stories. The Blacksmith’s Reaper and Divine Right are on Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, and iBooks.

James is raising three children, one girl and two boys. He is master of none of them, as they revel in proving daily. He is also a gamer, which led to a short stint as a streamer on Twitch. He’s read fantasy since three years of age, but holds a special place in his heart for the entirety of Stephen King’s The Dark Tower series. Once upon a time, he could claim being a tae kwon-do champion in the Show-Me State games, having won third place for his age and rank (13, green belt). These days, he is more astute on the esoteric ideas of martial arts: honor, discipline, and doctrine…than he is on actually kicking people in the chest.

Below are each of James’ stories with their description. Click a picture to be taken to it’s official page!

Of Blood and Blade, James Neal, fantasy books, fantasy bookTen Cards of Chaos are sprawled across mystical Derisma. Seven Voices, people of different races, are destined to find them. When they do, they will be forced to decide the fate of their world.

A theatrical usurper and a warrior prince clash for the throne to Priis, just as a stranger enters them into a game that will test everything they believe in. An elf discovers that his mother’s death and the sickness of the Wood are connected. Each will learn the heavy burden of destiny, and some may discover that the price is far too steep. The Cards of Chaos hold only one promise…

Paints the Invisible Eye, James Neal, jamesnealbooks, fantasy books, fantasy book, fantasyA mythic Crimson Knight visits Ben Hhand as a dragon threatens his small village. Ben’s adventure is only starting as he follows the Crimson Knight, Carghen, into a dangerous situation where he must utilize his new-found power to “paint” his imagination into the real world. Between his anger, the shock awaiting him at the end of his journey, and his power, will Ben decide to become a hero? Or will he succumb to the seduction of power? Everything brought into the world, and everything taken out, paints the invisible eye.



The Blacksmith ReaperA dwarf blacksmith is given the task of creating an amazing weapon meant for a future warrior. In the process, he discovers what life has hidden from him when he was part of the world. These revelations are as melancholy as they are enlightening.





Divine Right, James Neal, jamesnealbooks, fantasy, fantasy books, fantasy bookJon Carghen, part of an Order who dispenses justice against the immoral and supernatural, learns he is in danger by order of his leaders. Should he refuse to give up his Divine Right, he will be pursued, hunted down by his own brothers and sisters. What will Jon’s decision be, and can he live with it once it’s made?